Adventures in Code

A Blog About Life & Coding at the DBC

These Adventures Occured in 2014 Between July 14th and November 14th.

By Dustin Snyder

Table of Contents

Technical Posts
Week 8 Active Record in Ruby
Week 7 What's the Big Deal with SQL Injection?
Week 6 All About Blocs, Procs, and Lambdas in Ruby
Week 5 Object Oriented Programming in Ruby by Example
Week 4 How to Use Ruby's Map Method
Week 3 Why is JavaScript so Popular in Web Development?
Week 2 CSS Positioning
Week 1 Analysis of Favorite Websites
Cultural Posts
Week 9 Asking the Right Questions
Week 8 Dealing with Conflict
Week 7 Exploring My values
Week 6 My Thoughts on Stereotype Threat
Week 5 My Thoughts on Pair Programming and Peer Review
Week 4 Computer Security Awareness is no Longer an Option
Week 3 My Thinking Style and Learning
Week 1 My Thoughts on DBC Culture
Week 8 JavaScript Object Cheatsheet
Week 2 First Pairing Session: Building a Basic Website
Week 2 My Site's Wireframes
Week 2 Responsive Web Design
Week 2 Intermediate HTML & CSS
Week 1 Wireframing
Week 1 HTML & CSS Solo Challenge
Week 1 Beginning HTML & CSS